Using Video to Improve Customer Engagement

Two weeks ago I ran an experiment to gauge how well a hand drawn video would work with a blanket set of viewers. The list of people viewing the video was broad (untargetted), as expected, but what wasnt expected was the large uptake in the number of offers for my video. I had expected the video to bring in a certain industry i.e.e Marketers and web designers, but what I didnt expect was a large number of the requests came from business owners from all types of consultancy roles!

For me though, the true way to gauge the impact of that video was to actually incorporate an offer in it. The offer was presented to viewers midway through the video and out of the 90 or so viewers of the video I received over 30 signups to the email address requesting a custom made hand drawn video.

Here’s the video again:

Arguably I have nothing to compare this specific video to in order to compare like for like, but what I do have are many other videos with offers in them. No other views per signup videos I have done in the past have ever matched these sort of conversion rates experienced with the hand drawn style. So, for me I’m sold.

If you want your own custom video simply follow the video instructions above.

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