Turn a Google Listing 2 box into a 3 box – Can you?

This is something I’ve long hypothesised about and believed it was possible to turn a local result where 2 box appears and make it into a three box over time.

I have been long planning this little project and have helped a client out in the process.

To start with I created a new Google Places listing for my client. then I researched what keywords and locations produce 2 box results. In all fairness though this was pretty easy for me to do using my MapPI tool (soon to be released – contact me for a preview).

So the day I created the listing I also created a short Camtasia video where I would record the progress of the listing as it would appear on Google for the chosen search term.

I would then check the Google results each day to see if the new listing appears and whether the two box turned into a three box.

Well, the resultsĀ  are in. I did in fact turn a 2 box listing into a 3 box listing and it took a little over 2 weeks to do.

The beauty is the listing is also appearing for a plethora of other search phrases (as predicted), thus helping boost website visits.

Below is the video – please note there is no sound with it.

Also, this was done on Google.ie Maximize the video to see the whole picture

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