o2 username password router settings

O2 and Vodafone Username and Password Router Settings

This post is a little unusual for a blog about marketing, but I figured it might be of use to some of you seeing as I found it quite difficult to get the accurate information I required on a Google search.

The story goes…

Having changed broadband providers several times over the years I’ve collected a number of routers and their associated passwords for logging ONTO the web. Note that I am not talking here about the router detault username and passwords (typically admin:password or admin:admin) but the actual login details the ROUTER uses to talk back to the internet.

So this evening my internet went down. I thought perhaps there was a fault with the line so checked for a dial tone – success – landline was fine. Next was to restart the router a couple of times. No luck. Logged into the router and checked for the gateway details – Nothing in it.

I have recently changed from Vodafone to O2 but have yet to receive their router – so this made me think that possibly the router username and password was at fault. And it was. Obviously this evening it was my turn to become an O2 broadband customer. *thrill*

So if you are with Vodafone and are in the middle of changing to O2 and your router drops access, try changing the username & password:

o2 details:

username: o2@o2.ie

password: broadband

vodafone details:

username: vodafone@vodafone.ie

password: broadband

I would imagine changing from O2 to Vodafone would result in the same details being used 🙂

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