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How to Find Business Leads on Twitter By Location

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Last Friday I created a blog post on how to find business leads on Twitter through the use of Hootsuite. What I didn’t cover though was the ability to search for these leads based specifically by location. So, in today’s blog post I’ll explain how to find these leads on Twitter by location only.

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Just to recap, I will be using Hootsuite for this method, however, you can just as easily use the “near” input box within the advanced search of Twitter. But for this post I’ll use Hootsuite.

Ok, first things first. Why are we looking for leads by location? Welll, simply put, if you were to service these leads it may be of benefit to do so from an area you cover. Some tweets will come in from another continent so tweaking this so they come from your local town/neighbourhood is a better use of your Twitter prospecting time.

Let’s get started.

You’ll need 2 things. 1) geo-coordinates for the area you want to get the tweets from and 2) a radius to work with (I use 25km and works well).


I’m going to be using Hootsuite for this demo but you can use any platform you wish that allows for geotargetting tweets.


I use Google Maps to get these coordinates. They  are very easy to obtain, too.

Steps to get your geo-coordinates:

1. Go to Google Maps

2. Enter the location you want to get the targetted tweets from

3. Right Click on the map where your location is Pinned to.

This image depicts step 3 – right clicking on the map where the pin is located. What you need to do here is click “What’s here?”

This will put your geo-coordinates in the search bar of Google Maps. In this example the geo-coordinates for my chosen location are: 53.344275,-6.267321

Having obtained your geo-coordinates we’ve accomplished all of “hard bits” in getting our location.

Next, we log into Hootsuite and continue on with building our lead engine.


Setting it all up

This part is a doddle. We will use our obtained coordinates to search for leads within a 25km radius. It’s very easy to do so follow along with the steps below and you’ll be pulling in leads in no time.

Click on Add Stream up near the top left. After, you should see a box similar to the one in the image here. Note the arrow pointing to “Search”. Click that. Enter your search terms here, in quotes. To get you started I recommend trying “anyone recommend”


If you are after leads from your current location then you can press that compass symbol to the right (as depicted in the image with the second yellow arrow pointing to it). This will look for your coordinates.



If you don’t want to use your current location then this is the final step you’ll need to make: go grab your coordinates you got back in Google Maps. Simply add that now to this search phrase:

“anyone recommend” geocode:53.34410399999999,-6.267493,25km

All you need to do here is edit out the coordinates and replace them with your own set of coordinates. If you want to narrow the search radius then change the 25km to somthing like 15km.

Now press Create Stream and Hootsuite will bring back all the latest tweets that contain “anyone recommend” and located near to your chosen coordinates!

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Due to the popularity of this post I will run a webinar on this technique. Register here (no cost)



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Three Uses of QR Codes you Probably Never Thought Of

Any chance I’ll get I’ll scan a QR code. Sad, I know. But there’s a reason for it.

In this post I am going to detail three ways to use QR codes as either lead generation opportunities to help sell your marketing services or to help aid and grow your business. Each method is unique in its own right, and each carry equal weight to how you would use them. They are not detailed in any particular order. If you’re a business owner looking to grow your business rather than looking for lead gen (i.e. you have a captive audience already) then jump to number 3.

A QR Code Ring - Image: Fluid Forms


1. QR Codes on Packaging (lead generation)

Marketing departments are quick to try new methods in order to engage the customer. Sometimes though, they get it wrong. QR Codes are predominantly used to target smart phone users. The problem though is that many marketing depts omit the link between the QR Code and the final result: the web page/info page.

When you scan a QR Code you are usually redirected to a website telling you more information about this product and/or service. BUT and it’s a big but, the page you land on is OFTEN not designed for a mobile site, meaning your visitors will have a hard time reading the text and understanding your message.

So, look out for QR codes that don’t render onto a mobile browser well. More often than not it’s assumed that the QR code will do all the work. Not so. Your job is to scan the QR codes and see whether they turn to mobile sites or not. If not, you have yourself an opportunity right there. Getting in touch with the business owner can often be tricky however Linkein is very useful for that.

Places I look for QR Codes: Product Packaging, Magazines, Shop windows, newspapers and Google Search (covered next).



2. Google Search for QR Codes (lead generation)

Now, this is not going to be the normal “search for qr codes by country” method. That’s too low brow. We don’t do low brow at InternetMONEY.

What I’m going to show you is a method I have used successfully in the past to get in touch with business owners. It’s a Google search that will require some explanation but once shown you’ll be finding your own leads to beat the band (and recession). This particular method will show you how to find restaurants that are promoting their QR codes and they have more than 50 Likes on their page.


Take a look at this screenshot. Here’s the Google Search for it. Those results are returned from the complex query above it. So let’s take a look at the query: food/beverages “qr code” likes:50.. site:facebook.com

You will notice food/beverages. This is taken from the business type found on Facebook pages. Yes, we’re using this particular method on Facebook. You can tell that because we have site:facebook.com which tells google to only return results from the Facebook.com site.

We have placed “qr code” in quotes. It’s important to do this as these are generally two words used together when a business wants to ask customers to “scan our qr code”.

Next important thing is the likes:50.. the two dots after the number 50 are important. It tells Google to return results with MORE THAN 50 likes. Without the two dots you would get results with pages that have 50 likes only. If you want to have results returned with more than 100 first, then change it to likes:100.. and so on.

So now you’ve got a list of results of pages that have over 50 Likes on them, are restaurants, and they mention the word QR Code on their page. All you need to do now is scan their QR code with your phone and see does it return a mobile optimised site or not. If not, drop them a message directly from their Facebook page. I’ll keep what I say private. You’ve got 90% of the method there.


3. Growing your business with QR Codes!

This method I like. I think it’s so clever and smacks of “why didn’t I think of that?”. This method will work wonders to help you grow your mailing list. I am of course talking about the digital variety of mailing lists and not customer addresses.

What you need is a QR code that will translate into an email address once scanned. That’s right, you can get QR Codes that will convert and trigger a mailto link and pop open your default mail client on your iPhone.


You’ll need two things. Your mailing list email address and a QR code. I use Getresponse for my autoresponder mailing list and find their support great and features perfect for my needs. You will also need your mailing list QR code, which can be obtained here. Simply click on Email address and enter your mailing list email address in the input field. Your QR Code is now ready.

So, let’s recap where we’re at here. We have created our mailing list email address and converted it into a QR code. You’ve then gone and downloaded the QR code so as you can print it out and display it prominently around your store. But, where does this all lead to?

Do me a favour. Go ahead and scan that QR Code there for me (the one in the image above). If you’re on an iPhone it should pop up your email client with your default email address in it. Now, press Send. You will shortly receive an email from my autoresponder asking you to confirm your optin.


If you are a restaurant owner simply have table stands with your QR Code printed on them and you have a captive audience ready to scan your image. The beauty is those who know what one is will often scan it! Once they scan and opt in they’ll be opted into your mailing list and you can now market to them through the use of email marketing.


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How to Use Twitter to Find Business

Due to the popularity of this post I will run a webinar on this technique. Register here (no cost)


I’ve talked about this method at length, heck I even spoke about it at the Warrior Gathering in London. I’ve even explained it on training courses. However I’m still not seeing people using it!

Here’s a screenshot of one of my streams from within Hootsuite.

What you will notice on the top of that image, in the green bar, are the words “anyone recommend” geocoo

What you see there is a summary of what I have included in my stream search parameters. It’s very easy to set up and that link above teaches you all about streams. This post isn’t to educate you on streams, it’s to teach you a technique to help you find business opportunities on Twitter.

So, just how do we go about using Twitter to find business opportunities?

Let’s take an example from this screenshot. Notice the tweet from @PhotographyCamp – they ask “Can anyone recommend a bouncy castle provider for Blessington area?”

Because my search included “anyone recommend” and my location is set for a specific coordinate and @PhotographyCamp is in or near these coordinates then it returned their tweet to my stream.

Now, if I were a bouncy castle provider I would have set up these alerts in my Hootsuite platform (or have someone do all this for me). So when that tweet came in I would see it in my stream and could reply accordingly.

It is important that you act on these tweets quickly. I’ve found that someone who asks for a recommendation on Twitter will often also turn to a Google search to seek out their requirement. So, set up those searches and monitor them daily. You don’t want to let leads slip you by.

Do you need to use Hootsuite?

Of course not. There are plenty other platforms out there that will do similar functions for you. Hootsuite has grown on me and I like the features they have available from within the platform. A big plus is that it is also web based meaning I can jump from machine to machine to VPS etc. Their iPad app is ok too.

Connect with me on Twitter.

More “Out of the box” ideas: 3 Uses of QR Codes you probably never thought of

Due to the popularity of this post I will run a webinar on this technique. Register here (no cost)

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