How to Use Google Trends Smartly and Save Money

I’ve been using Google Trends for many years to help demonstrate the examples of seasonal searches on the Google search engines.

It would make sense that there would be more searches for “Easter” around March/April time than at say September and the good thing is you can see these trends of searches in a graphical form. Take a look at this graph.

It depicts the peak in searches since 2004 right up to present day. You can see that the peaks are at almost exactly the same location each year.

One SEO technique that catches visitors

There was a time not too long ago where I kept correcting my mum about internet addresses; she’d always say “ww.” instead of “www.”

This went on for a while until I thought about it – hey why can’t my mum say ww. instead of www.? It sure makes it easier for her to say, doesn’t it?

Niche Marketing | Are there enough people for my niche market?

Mike Crowley posted a question on my blog about how would I know if there are enough people out there to justify the creation of a digital product.

Good question Mike, and it’s one I can answer for you.

Whenever I am going to do some internet marketing or creating a digital product of my own to market, its very important for me to know how many people out there are actively searching for my chosen niche.

2 ways to find a Niche for Internet Marketing

Whenever I want to create a new digital product or am looking for ideas for products or services to promote, I find nothing works best for me than brainstorming on Amazon,Ebay or Google groups when looking for a niche market.

IMO if there is a Google Group then there is a market there for a product or service.

I’ve drilled down in Google Groups, having focussed my group search in ireland.

One SEO trick you won’t want to leave on the bus | Wifi On Buses

According to the IEDR (IE Domain Registry), there are some 122,666 .ie domain names in operation as of 2nd April 2009.

With websites ranging from one page portals right up to dynamic sites creating new pages by the hour, there really is a lot of information out there.

When I start out optimising my website for a specific term I always research who my competitors are, where they rank in Google, and whether they have done any basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to their site.

Let’s take the example that I am the owner of a company that provides wifi services to vehicles such as coaches, buses and trains.

InternetMONEY 101

Hi all,

Like turning the sod for the building of a new school, or laying the first brick for the start of something big – I give you the first post to internetMONEY.

Throughout the growth of this blog we will learn about internet marketing, PPC, SEO and LOTS more money making ideas, tips and suggestions.

My goal is to have this blog as the one stop resource for the people of Ireland to come to to share, discover and discuss ways to make money from the internet.

So it gives me great pleasure to announce the opening of internetMONEY.


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