The Ultimate Marketing Seminar – Really?

So I’ve enrolled myself on Chris Howard’s Ultimate Marketing Seminar which is to take place next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (2 – 5 September 2009) in Ballsbridge.

I attended an event organised by Chris Howard before whilst in Sydney. It was one of these “Wealth Creation” type of events, and to be honest didn’t really take to the whole thing and didn’t attend the next day.
So a marketing event rolls around here in Dublin and again Chris Howard is involved… Perhaps I should stick it out for more than the one day – after all it is the Ultimate Marketing Seminar and with a name like that I should expect to pick up a trick or two 🙂

Ask your email list for help

Every now and again I blast out an email to my subscribers list to ask them for their opinions and ideas for content they would like to see on in the email newsletters they receive.

On Saturday 8th July 2009 I decided to do the same again, and this time share the results with you.

I sent a broadcast message to my vedic maths newsletter requesting information on what else they would like to see and if there was any way i could improve the email delivery.

Within two minutes of the broadcast going out I was receiving emails into my inbox (and just one in now whilst I type this!).

Take a look at the video below

These are all personally written emails containing tonnes of useful ideas that they, as subscribers would like to see in the newsletter.

The power of a large, focused email list can become apparent when things like ideas start to run thin.  So never forget that while you are providing material to your list, know that they too are full of ideas and are more than willing to help you when the opportunity arises.

1 Exceptional Way For How to Use Twitter for Business

I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time now and as it’s a dreary Sunday afternoon here in Dublin, filled with rain cloud skies so I thought I’d enlighten some of you with how I use Twitter to help pull some traffic and ultimately customers from Twitter.

Do popup subscriber boxes work?

I set myself the task of findout out whether or not implementing a popup subscriber box on my site would in fact increase the number of people opting into a particular newsletter.

popup stats

I implemented the popup feature just over a week ago onto

As you can see from the graph above, there’s a noted increase in optins over the last week and a half. Coupling this with the average number of visitors staying the same throughout this period, I can confidently say that popup optin boxes do increase subscription rates.

Affiliate Marketing Using ClickBank Message Sets

Having some 16k+ newsletter subscribers to I feel adequately qualified when it comes to trying different advertising methods over the course of a couple of years.

But there’s one affiliate marketing program that has stood out amongst the rest, in my opinion, and has helped bring in more cash into the old Clickbank account moreso than any other program I’ve used.

That program is called “Clickbank Message Sets”.

Why is Twitter good?

So I’m totally sucked into the whole Twitter thing right now. And yes, I can definately see it’s usefulness if you’re following the right people.

Here’s how I see it useful, amongst other ideas:

1. You want to know if there’s a shop that sells firewood on the way to Rosslare from New Ross.

2. You send out a message (called a tweet) to your followers asking that question.

3. Your followers see your tweet and respond, or they can retweet your very message to their list of followers.

Imagine typing that into Google. The results would vary incredibly. See here

So having the right list of followers on your twitter profile the better.

Favouite SEO websites

So today I want to start a post about people’s favourite SEO webpages. Ones they refer back to every now and again to help fine tune their SEO skills.

I’ll start this off by listing some of my favourite sites:

I’m using my twitter friends to help build this list up and hope it will turn up some interesting resources. (currently trying out the “What’s Google Up To?” looks useful.

internetMONEY Keyword Tool

This post is for the internetMONEY software, ask your questions and read solutions here.

1. How do I get my Full Licence?

On payment you will be emailed a URL where you will be able to generate your full licence.

2. How does the Google Suggest work?

We capture data from Google’s Suggest service, allowing you to obtain new keyword phrases faster than ever before.

Niche Marketing | How to Find a Niche Market – Part 2

I have been contacted by several budding internet marketers with the common question “What other ways are there to find a niche market?”

Niche Marketing is, in my opinion, a clever way to make some money online. Rather than promoting those weight loss products or 6 pack abs programs we so often see strewn across the web, we are marketing towards those areas of commerce where there may not necessarily be millions of people searching.

ClickHeat – Find Out Where Visitors Click

When I created my ebook website it became important for me to know exactly where my visitors were clicking when it came to the style of graphic, icon or play button I had added to my site.

I initially started off by having a picture of the video and the words “Click Here” to play the video. Clicking anywhere in the picture would play the video, but I wanted to monitor how well either the “Click Here” and actually clicking on the actual picture was doing.  You can see the “Click Here” to watch and then the actual picture of the video on the left.

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