Facebook email invite

Ok I’m seeing some very crazy things out there – people foaming at the mouth for a Facebook email invite – wanting to be one of the first to test drive the new features of the Social Media giant’s Project Titan baby. I’ve seen Ebay bids on Facebook Invites currently going for $305!

From the research I’ve done this morning it seems that the only way you can currently get Facebook email is by Invite only. Luckily I have found a page within Facebook that will allow you to opt in to receive an invite, when they are ready to give them out that is – get your Facebook email invite request by opting in. You need to be signed in to request an invite.

Facebook Email Invite page

Facebook to rival Gmail

Ok so there’s been talk of this for the past week or so of Facebook launching its own mail service not unlike Google’s Gmail.

Project Titan as it’s been called wlill rival the popular search giant in a head to head battle to become the favourite mail service amongst Facebook users.

Since Google announced it was stopping Facebook’s access into the users Gmail contacts list this comes at an opportune time for Zuckerberg to announce Project Titan in a move that could see Facebook taking over Google in the most favourited website since the Social network began  back in 2004.

I’ll grab a bag of popcorn and watch how this unfolds 🙂

Finding Leads on Twitter Training Course

If you were one of the many who downloaded and enjoyed my “Feed the bluebird” report then you will know the potential this report holds if implemented correctly.

Since releasing that report I have since given four training sessions on it – and each one has been a huge success!

Now I’m making available to you the same powerpoint presentation I use to deliver my “Finding Leads on Twitter” message – where I show the participants exactly how to find leads and how to automate the process.

I charged €47 to companies to attend my Find Leads on Twitter training course, and the value presented inside the Powerpoint is well worth the initial investment. Let’s not forget the potential business you can get from this business – offline businesses need this information! You know this information, you present the course to them and

Here’s a video of some of the slides in the powerpoint workshop:

When purchasing the powerpoint workshop you will also get specific PLR rights to the Feed The Bluebird report where you can edit it to suit your own needs. That’s right, you’ll receive the word document I used to create the pdf report and you can rework it to suite your own needs.

Rights (only for Feed The Bluebird):

[yes] Has Master Resell Rights
[yes] Has Giveaway Rights
[yes] Has Private Label Rights
[yes] Can Claim Authorship
[yes] Can be Included in Paid Membership Sites
[yes] Source Included
[yes] Type: word document
[yes] Can Be Edited
[yes] Can be Included in Free Membership Sites
[yes] Can be Offered As a Bonus to a Free Product
[yes] Can be Offered As a Bonus to a Paid Product

About the Workshop

The Powerpoint presentation consists of 40 slides that takes the participants through what they need to do so as they can set up and automate a process that will allow them to find business on Twitter. When you purchase this workshop all you need to do is edit the contact details in it to suit your own needs.


I will also include a seperate Presentation that consists of “Quick Tips” and techniques that website owners can implement on their website to help them with their presence online. This always goes down well and a complete joy to watch as they feverishly try to write down all the golden nuggets!

To buy this package from me I am initially releasing it to 10 people only – and I will work with these ten people via email and Skype while they tweak the course to suit their needs.

After these ten copies are sold the price is going up so it’s a first come first served basis.

To make your purchase please use the Buy Now Button below.

Upon payment you will receive a download link immediately. Any problems shoot an email to the address in the receipt.

Questions? Just ask in the comments section.

Google Instant on Google.ie

This morning at 8am my default Google.ie search field changed from the normal search and click method to the new Google Instant search method, providing instant results as you type your query. This should appear by default if you are signed into your Gmail account.

Google Instant has been available on .com and .uk Google search pages, as well as others I’m sure, but the Instant results hadn’t been made available for Google.ie until 8am this morning, according to my clock 😉 Before 8am it wasn’t there – at 8am it was.

CPM is going to be affected by this initially and not sure how all the Google Operators will perform in providing basic logic searches, but initial testing indicates it is performing well.

Try typing in this search phrase:

Ireland site:twitter.com

You will notice that Google Instant doesn’t return instant results when using the site:operator for Twitter. Seems to be the same for other site: queries too.

How to Find Businesses on Twitter By Location

The graph below shows an upturn in the number of searches Twitter gets from Google in Ireland.

Twitter search over time

As you can see Twitter is on the rise.

And so too are the number of people looking for businesses on Twitter.

I often use Twitter to help get in contact with businesses –  if I have a problem with a product I will simply tweet the company and they typically respond within minutes.

But what about when you are looking for prospects or clients? How easy is it to find a restaurant in your area?

Well it’s not really that easy to do. If you were to use the advanced twitter search you could enter a keyword and a location and pull up a series of results based on that criteria, but what if you did this search:

Restaurant in Dublin

This will return all tweets with the words Restaurant in them. I want to FIND businesses that are restaurants, not people tweeting looking for or talking about restaurants.

So how do we find businesses on Twitter based on their bio and location? It’s simple – we turn to Google (surprise surprise).

Google indexes Twitter accounts and includes the Twitter profile data. This data includes a bit called the Bio. See image below:

bio of restaurant

Notice in Bio you can see the word Restaurant. Also notice in Location you can see Dublin.

So I want to use Google to return to me Twitter accounts with Restaurant and Dublin in the profile. Simple

The concept is simple but the search syntax is not so. In a bid to make this easy I’ll paste the query I use into this blog post, but please note that if you do these searches rapidly Google will trigger a “Sorry… this looks like an automated query” page. No problem, just enter the captcha and you’re good to go.

The query:

(intitle:”restaurant * on twitter” OR intext:”bio * restaurant”) intext:”location * Dublin” site:twitter.com

Simply paste the above query into Google and it will return for you your desired results.

Let me Google that for you!

Or for those who don’t like my wit:  Google.ie

So that’s how you can find businesses on Twitter by location.

I have an Excel spreadsheet I use which incorporates this search query in beautifully. The video below demonstrates how to use this spreadsheet.

If you’re interested in a copy of the spreadsheet its yours for €5

20 Ways to Market your Heating and Plumbing Business

If you have a great heating and plumbing business going or simply starting with one, you definitely need ways to market it or improve your sales. By marketing your heating and plumbing business, you can reach the maximum potential of your business. There are a lot of benefits once your business becomes well-advertised and well-marketed.

Never lose hope if your business does not live up to your expectations. You must always look on the bright side of things. There are so many ideas which you can use in order to gain better profit.

Use Twitter to Find Business | Twitter Leads on Steroids!

For those of you that download my BlueBird report (optin here to receive it) you’ll probably be making inroads with your Twitter feeds and hopefully generating some great leads in the Twittosphere. So a big congrats to you for that.

Your next step is to download my Twitter appliation. Read the instructions and watch the video below to learn how to use the tool.

This Twitter tool is only available via my newsletter.

You can also download the tool and instructions for my Twitteire Application

Offline Pro Signup


Ok guys and gals make sure to optin with your name and email address above and you’ll get my Twitter report emailed to you within a couple of minutes, but you need to confirm your optin so make sure to check your emails for my confirmation email.

Turn a Google Listing 2 box into a 3 box – Can you?

This is something I’ve long hypothesised about and believed it was possible to turn a local result where 2 box appears and make it into a three box over time.

I have been long planning this little project and have helped a client out in the process.

To start with I created a new Google Places listing for my client. then I researched what keywords and locations produce 2 box results. In all fairness though this was pretty easy for me to do using my MapPI tool (soon to be released – contact me for a preview).

So the day I created the listing I also created a short Camtasia video where I would record the progress of the listing as it would appear on Google for the chosen search term.

I would then check the Google results each day to see if the new listing appears and whether the two box turned into a three box.

Well, the results  are in. I did in fact turn a 2 box listing into a 3 box listing and it took a little over 2 weeks to do.

The beauty is the listing is also appearing for a plethora of other search phrases (as predicted), thus helping boost website visits.

Below is the video – please note there is no sound with it.

Also, this was done on Google.ie Maximize the video to see the whole picture

Finding Hungry Buyers

I’ve been asked “but how do I find those people so as I can offer my product to?” and my answer is simple: “go search for them!”
There are various strategies people use to find what they need on Google’s search pages, and this strategy is one that will dig up hungry enthusiasts looking for what you have to offer.
I use this technique to look for forums and discussion boards where people are talking about Vedic Maths. On finding these discussion sites I register a free account with them to become a member of the site.
The last thing I do is start promoting my product on post number 1. People will ignore you, flame you and possibly get you banned for promoting yourself.
Rather than doing this (which the majority fall foul of doing) I sign up and post useful, helpful replies to people. Then after possibly ten or 15 posts I’ll add a signature to the bottom of each post that will offer people a link to a maths ebook that will help them with their maths studies. This provides me with greater credibility amongst the board members and doesn’t invoke a “spamming the discussion” response. This has worked wonders for me and my ebook and I suggest you too try this subtle but highly effective approach.

So – just how do you find these discussion sites?

Simple, we go back to Google again for this (read this fully before trying*).

In the Google search box I type in:

intitle:”forum” + “vedic math” + (“powered by vbulletin”) OR (“powered by phpbb”)

What I am asking Google to do here is return results that have the word “Forum” in the page title, along with “Vedic Math” and the words “powered by vbulletin” or “powered by phpbb” in them.

Why those two? Well I know that discussion forums typically have the “Powered By” text on each of the sites pages. Returning results with those words in them along with my main keyword search phrase strongly suggests that they are related to what I am looking for.

*I suggest that you only try these search queries once every few minutes as Google will flag up a message as they think the queries are automated.

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