Zagat appearing in Google Results… but for IE9 Users Only

So today I was investigating the reasons why some components of MapPI were returning results and the average rating wasnt coming back.

As MapPI requires Internet Explorer as its backbone in order to gather its results it relies on the browser staying as passive as possible.

However, recent changes at Google has seen the addition of Zagat in the Google Places serps. Not a bad thing considering Zagat brings in reputable reviews from registered customers and Google seems to like that. I mean, why reinvent the wheel eh? Great news for Zagat and restaurant owners alike.

Zagat Restaurant Reviews


Some users will spot that it doesn’t ahve to be restaurants that are bringing back this “out of 30” score – Google are doing it for other businesses too:


Now you may be wondering why can’t you see any of these reviews. Well, the answer is simple. It’s probably because you’re not using Internet Explorer.

Here’s a dual screenshot of the same search done on Firefox and Internet Explorer 9.

So, when you’re explaining “the score” to your clients, be sure to take into account that they may or may not be using the same browser as you.


*I haven’t tested this on Chrome


Update: 21st June 2012
It seems now that the same results now appear for all the browsers.

How to add a Youtube Video to your Linkedin Profile

Recently I discovered a 1st level Linkedin connection had a youtube video that would autoplay when I viewed their profile. I thought it was a pretty nifty way to get my attention, so I lookined into how I could do it for myself.
The process will take you about 3 minutes to set up and will involve a SLideshare account (free).

Marketing Consultant Lewis Howes of has put together a very intuitive guide on this blog post where he shows you step by step how to add a youtube video to your blog. Below is the video made by Lewis.

Sign into your Linkedin account and you can see the video on my Linkedin Profile here: Kevin O’Connor

Facebook Lead Generation Software

Facebook Prospecting

FB prospecting has been made so much easier thanks to FB Last Posted. This software allows me to gather email addresses and phone numbers of businesses on Facebook, as well as the date the business last updated their FB page. It also gathers the page’s number of Likes and Checkins. This is all useful information to know, particularly the date of the last posted message.

Why so?

If a business hasn’t updated their page in a long time it suggests they have an unclear Social Media Strategy but also are unfamiliar with the value they can get from their Facebook page should it be managed correctly.

What this software does:

1. Gets the last posted date

2. Gets the page’s email address

3. Gets the number of Likes on the page

4. Gets the total number of checkins

5. Grabs the website address


Software tools that can do what FB Last Posted does can run into the several hundreds of dollars.

The video below demonstrates the software in action.


Click here for a screenshot of the sample results


To get your 3 day free trial fill in this licence form for instant access.


My Top 20 iPad apps I use and why

I was going through my iPad this morning and started to ponder on how much I rely on apps. So, I have put together my top 20 apps and why I use them.

Let’s kick it off.

1. Facebook app (free)
Reason: To update mine and clients Facebook pages.

2. Panorama 360
Reason: TO create 360 photos of locations I am at (often client sites) in order to upload to FB or embed on a webpage.

3. ScanLife (free)
Reason: to scan QR codes and show clients how they work

4. Dropbox (free)
Reason: Access to files etc

5. Twitter (free)
Reason: Update/monitor twtter feed etc for me and clients

6. Roboform
Reason: Easily log into password protected sites on my iPad

7. YouSpin
Reason: Take an inverted 360 photo around a product

8. Mindjet (free)
Reason: for creating and updating mindmaps

9. TimeTrackHD
Reason: Keeping tabs on phone call durations and such

10. Teamviewer
Reason: Remotely Connect to machines

11. Gotomeeting (free)
Reason: Watch in on webinars on the iPad

12. Skitch (free)
Reason: Editing photos very quickly and easily

13. Garageband
Reason: Started to make my own intro music to videos (no royalties to pay)

14. GetResponse (subscription required)
Reason: To send out newsletters on demand

15. DomainTools (free)
Reason: To check on availability of domains

16. Animoto (subscription required)
Reason: To make videos of a premises on the fly (very cool to then be able to show prospect)

17. iWatermark
Reason: To add a QR code to any images I take, or add any type of Watermark I need.


18. LinkedIn

Reason: Updating statuses and searching for business owners names.

19. Foursquare

Reason: To “checkin” but to also demonstrate to a client the way other related businesses in their area are using it.

20. CardMunch (USA iTunes store)

Photograph a business card and it gets added to your Linkedin profile – very nifty.

iPad blog post

So here I am with my first post to my marketing blog directly from the iPad. Despite a small problem with the native iOS WordPress app uploading images, it now seems to be working fine. If you’re wondering what problems I was having it was that images weren’t uploading from the iPad staying stuck at 0%. So I deleted the self hosted WordPress settings and re-added them again. Seems to have done the trick.

So back to the blog post. It’s easy to update the blog, seems to have all the bells and whistles I could need with the wysiwyg editor and even geotagging where the post was written, if needed.

Daisy gives her gawk of approval


Mobile Website Creation

Mobile websites are becoming ever more popular. With the increase in Smart Phone internet use and the drive to know what’s going on around you, mobile sites are helping serve up better looking sites with even better information on them.

We have all been there – viewing a mobile site on our Smart Phones, only having to pinch and zoom to navigate our way around a website. If it were tailored specifically for mobile devices we would have a far better user experience.

That’s where Mobile website creation comes into it. My assistants make hundreds of mobile sites each and every month, ranging from Architects to Yaght clubs and everything in between. Although we are still waiting for a Zoo to make a request 🙂

Setting up mobile sites couldn’t be easier. Making mockups to show prospective clients can literally take you minutes to make. My assistants make them all the time and there’s nothing more professional than showing a client what their site could look like as a mobile site. It’s tailored to them specifically, not a generic mockup tailored to no one.

The video below will take you few some of the finer points of the platform. This is currently only available to Irish web and graphic design companies ONLY. Please do not request a demo account if you are not in the web design business.



As a web design agency you will get access to your own platform under your own sub domain account allowing you full control on making these mobile sites to demo to your clients. If you’re serious about your web design business and helping your clients grow their business, then you need to consider mobile websites.

Use the contact page above to get in touch and we will set you up with your demo account.

Growing Facebook Likes and Autoresponder Optins – Quickly



Imagine being able to grow your Facebook fan base AND grow your autoresponder list at the same time? Two birds one stone so to speak. The graph above shows an increase in Facebook Likes the exact same day I incorporated a new strategy that would grow my opt in list AND Facebook Like count.

Notice the icon under my Social Media buttons on the right hand side. It says to “Subscribe with Facebook”.

Click it. You will be automatically added to a newsletter (double optin) and directed to my Facebook application in order to “Like” the page.

The Facebook app also requests permission to post on your wall. You don’t have to, of course, but imagine the number of website visitors who will.

So what does this mean – posting to walls?

Well, when someone grants permission to allow you to post on their wall, you can now post a comment as if it were from the person themselves.

Running a special offer in your restaurant next weekend? Then post a comment on Monday – it will go onto their wall as soon as you post, and the best part is their friends and family will see the post and go check out the link!

So, try it for yourself – click the Subscribe With Facebook logo on the right. The results demonstrated in the graph are from this website

Oh, and if you want one of these applications yourself – drop me a line and I’ll set up a demo for you before you decide to go ahead.

Email Addresses Removed from Google Places Listings

I’ve noticed the past couple of days that the majority of Google Places listings have their email addresses removed from them. It’s an unusual move on Google’s behalf to do this as I feel it’s as important as the URL, phone number and street address – especially for making contact out of hours.

But none the less if you administer a Google Places account there is still a way to get your email address visible (until Google Places fix this at least):

1. Log into your Google Places Listing and scroll on down to Additional Details

2. Follow the image below

Google Places Listing Add email

I am not sure as to why Google decided to do this as it doesn’t appear to be region or country specific – Australia, UK, USA and Ireland from what I’ve been testing are all missing this. However, MapPI is returning email addresses for those who have included their emails in the same fashion as the work around I mention above.

The Blumenthals website equally has some information on this also.

Twitter Lead Gen Report Signup

To receive this powerful report fill in your details in the box below.

After confirming your signup you will receive a link direct to the report.

Enjoy prospering from it 🙂

Getting Found On Google Workshop

A big thank you to the charities who attended my training course last Wednesday 8th December 2010. It was a thoroughly enjoyable session and delighted that so many of you already started seeing results.

Charities attending my workshop

Charities attending my workshop

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