My Top 20 iPad apps I use and why

I was going through my iPad this morning and started to ponder on how much I rely on apps. So, I have put together my top 20 apps and why I use them.

Let’s kick it off.

1. Facebook app (free)
Reason: To update mine and clients Facebook pages.

2. Panorama 360
Reason: TO create 360 photos of locations I am at (often client sites) in order to upload to FB or embed on a webpage.

3. ScanLife (free)
Reason: to scan QR codes and show clients how they work

4. Dropbox (free)
Reason: Access to files etc

5. Twitter (free)
Reason: Update/monitor twtter feed etc for me and clients

6. Roboform
Reason: Easily log into password protected sites on my iPad

7. YouSpin
Reason: Take an inverted 360 photo around a product

8. Mindjet (free)
Reason: for creating and updating mindmaps

9. TimeTrackHD
Reason: Keeping tabs on phone call durations and such

10. Teamviewer
Reason: Remotely Connect to machines

11. Gotomeeting (free)
Reason: Watch in on webinars on the iPad

12. Skitch (free)
Reason: Editing photos very quickly and easily

13. Garageband
Reason: Started to make my own intro music to videos (no royalties to pay)

14. GetResponse (subscription required)
Reason: To send out newsletters on demand

15. DomainTools (free)
Reason: To check on availability of domains

16. Animoto (subscription required)
Reason: To make videos of a premises on the fly (very cool to then be able to show prospect)

17. iWatermark
Reason: To add a QR code to any images I take, or add any type of Watermark I need.


18. LinkedIn

Reason: Updating statuses and searching for business owners names.

19. Foursquare

Reason: To “checkin” but to also demonstrate to a client the way other related businesses in their area are using it.

20. CardMunch (USA iTunes store)

Photograph a business card and it gets added to your Linkedin profile – very nifty.


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