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A great way to improve your back linking strategy is to link up with High Page Ranking forums, blogs and other social media sites. And while this is a great idea in principle, it is often extremely difficult to find the right type of forum with a high page rank.
So what is Pagerank? PageRank is a Formula developed by Google to determine a web pages “inbound link ranking” Often referred to as “PR” value. – basically the more inbound links from High PR site to your site means the potential of you having more traffic, higher PR and potentially more leads.
As an internet marketer knowing what forums and blogs have a High PR can be extremely invaluable. If, for example, you were promoting a product that helps stop smoking, then wouldn’t it be extremely useful to know what forums on the web have a High PR so you can potentially tap in on the high traffic from that site?
Moving on from our above example, you find a High PR Forum with a Pagerank of say 5 or six and it’s all about stopping smoking.  If you are marketing a smoking cessation product it would be extremely useful to sign up to the blog and leave comments about topics on the forum.
Over the next few days after posting two or three comments, you can now add in your forum signature which leads back to your smoking cessation product. This way you are helping people in the forum with their question and you are proving a solution to their problem.

Now, if you’re into all things internet marketing then signing up to High PR IM forums is a must for you. If you have something unique to offer the IM world then why waste your efforts on a low PR forum when there are plenty of High pagerank forums just waiting for you to interact with them?

I’ve attached a link at the bottom of this page that will provide you with a detailed list of High PR to Low PR forums on Internet Marketing. The report includes 100 results ranging from PR6 to PR0.

If you would like your own report created then great, that’s exactly what I do.

If you have a niche in selling fireplaces, then I’ll generate a report detailing PR rankings for specific forums in your chosen country.  Contact me for more information on this.

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