Finding Job Candidates on Linkedin

A Recruiter’s Guide to Using Linkedin’s Search

Disclaimer: This guide is for educational purposes only. I take no responsibilty for any consequences that may arise from using this guide.

Please note, these same principles you are about to learn can be applied OUTSIDE of the recruitment industry. I merely used recruitment to serve as an example.

About The Technique

Imagine waking in the morning to find you’ve had a score of potential candidates view your linkedin profile. How easy would it be to now contact them?

“I see you viewed my profile on Linkedin. I also noticed that you’re an architect. I have several architect roles available at the moment. Are you interested in moving around?”



Look at the image above. Looks like a great way to make a warm introduction, doesn’t it? All those lovely “Connect” buttons in order to send an invitation to connect. Note, that screenshot above was taken from my personal account. There’s still thirty more below that, for today!

So, how about logging in and seeing numbers like this:



It’s easy to do and I’m going to show you exactly how to do this over the next few steps. Read on to find out how.

Steps to Gaining Profile Views

In a nutshell, you view peoples profiles, who in turn view yours. Look at enough profiles and more interested parties will look at yours. It’s really that simple.

Step 1

Log into your Linkedin Account and Click on the Advanced Search option in the top right of your account home page.



Notice the orange arrow in the picture above – that’s where you need to click.

Step 2

Next you want to set up your search parameters. If you’re looking for a C Sharp Developer then you’ll want to ensure you set up your search like so:


Notice how I have the search in “quotes”. This is because I am looking specifically for a c sharp developer. Having the search without quotes may also return results based on things like c sharp, web developer, etc. I specifically want a “C Sharp Developer”.

Ok, so that’s the keyword sorted. Next is the location. Set where you want to look for your desired candidate. Setting a country spefifically will reduce the number of results, however, should you wish to get results from anywhere in the world then set the Location: to Anywhere

Step 3

In this step you need to decide if you want results from people you may already be connected with or not, or people 2 or 3 times out from your network.

Tip: Setting connections to 1st level will result in far fewer results than 2nd or 3rd level connections.



For a broad set of profiles it’s recommended to select “All Linkedin Members”.
Please note though the number of results you can view at any one time will be limited to your Linkedin Account type. The free Linkedin account will limit you to 100 results. If you find this too limiting then the correct way to maximise these 100 results is to then filter the Relationship connections in order to maximise your profile viewing capabilities.

Step 4

So you’ve set up your search parameters and your relationship levels. The next thing to do is click on Search.



There are 21 profiles that meet my search criteria.

Step 5

So now we have a list of 21 potential candidates for the “C Sharp Developer” role you have on your books. All you now need to do is view each one of these profiles individually.

tip: press CTRL + their profile name and it will open their profile in a new tab

What happens next? Well, these candidates will either receive an email from Linkedin (once a week) telling them that some people have been viewing their profile. The other option is that they will log into their Linkedin account and see that their profile has been viewed X number of times over the last few days. Inside those views is your profile view.
If the candidate is interested to know more about you and who you are they will click through to look at your profile.

Step 6

They’ve viewed your Linkedin profile, what next? Well isnt this the hardest part of your job – finding the right candidate to fill your available roles? Now you have them viewing your profile! In this instance it could be taken as a warm lead that they are interested to know more about you, as a recruiter and potentially what roles you may have in mind for them.

Reach out. Make an introduction to them. Let them know you’re aware they viewed your profile and that you may have something to offer them.

Step 7

Many profiles will hold the candidates contact information on it, whether their personal blog or email. You can also request more information from them on their profile as you can see from the image below. Also, it’s a great way to show them you’re interested to know more about them.



But what if you don’t want to contact them that way? Well, there is another great technique you can use in order to get connected with them after they’ve viewed your profile.
Investigate what groups they are members of. View further down on their profile and you will see a list of the groups they are members of:


The next thing would be then to go and join one of these groups. Then whilst you’re a member of that group you can search specifically for this candidate and send them a message directly. To do this click on Join. You’ll either be accepted straight away or a the group owner has to approve you. Either way when you’re in you will see a “Members” tab at the top:



In there you can now search for your candidate:



There’s our candidate right there in the group. Now, the key thing here is that you CAN contact this person as you’re in the same group. Here’s how:


When you mouse over their profile you will see an option to “Send message” so now you can make your introduction there.

Recap of the System

Search for candidates for your relevant positions. View their profiles. Wait to see if they then view your profile in return. If they do then make your introduction – view their profile again to find their contact details. If they’re not on their profile try looking at what groups they are in and becoming a member in order to send them a message.

Making Life Easier: Profile Pinger



This software will search profiles for you and view them for you automatically!

To get the software all you need to do is visit this page and follow the instructions!

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