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FB prospecting has been made so much easier thanks to FB Last Posted. This software allows me to gather email addresses and phone numbers of businesses on Facebook, as well as the date the business last updated their FB page. It also gathers the page’s number of Likes and Checkins. This is all useful information to know, particularly the date of the last posted message.

Why so?

If a business hasn’t updated their page in a long time it suggests they have an unclear Social Media Strategy but also are unfamiliar with the value they can get from their Facebook page should it be managed correctly.

What this software does:

1. Gets the last posted date

2. Gets the page’s email address

3. Gets the number of Likes on the page

4. Gets the total number of checkins

5. Grabs the website address


Software tools that can do what FB Last Posted does can run into the several hundreds of dollars.

The video below demonstrates the software in action.


Click here for a screenshot of the sample results


To get your 3 day free trial fill in this licence form for instant access.


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