Attending Events – Worth the time and effort

Do you attend events in your industry? You know, industry specific events? I used to see these events as a time to “unwind” and get a few days off of work 🙂

It’s only when you’re working for yourself and serving your clients that you can fully appreciate the value you can gain from attending events and seminars that are industry specific.

I recently attended a two day seminar in London aimed at online marketers. Now, a lot of my work would stem from/is born out of working in the online marketing arena and then I adapt these core skills to suit the marketing needs of a local business, whether it be for online or offline.

Kevin O'Connor speaking

That’s me onstage sitting under the blue arrow. In that scene I’m talking about how I used Twitter to find an “angry” customer of a service provided by a particular company. There appeared to be no reply from said company so I dropped them a line giving them a “heads up”. This email led onto a conversation and subsequent meeting.

I have since received a dozen emails from people who attended that weekend event thanking me for sharing the method but also that some of these have gained some traction with the method! Good for you.

I know of at least a half dozen times during that weekend that I gathered some really useful marketing ideas for my business. Even though the event ticket price may run into the several hundreds of dollars to attend, the value you get from it and the people you meet and connect with will be worth thousands of times more than the cost of entry.

So, if you get the chance to attend these industry specific events, do so!

O2 and Vodafone Username and Password Router Settings

This post is a little unusual for a blog about marketing, but I figured it might be of use to some of you seeing as I found it quite difficult to get the accurate information I required on a Google search.

The story goes…

Having changed broadband providers several times over the years I’ve collected a number of routers and their associated passwords for logging ONTO the web. Note that I am not talking here about the router detault username and passwords (typically admin:password or admin:admin) but the actual login details the ROUTER uses to talk back to the internet.

So this evening my internet went down. I thought perhaps there was a fault with the line so checked for a dial tone – success – landline was fine. Next was to restart the router a couple of times. No luck. Logged into the router and checked for the gateway details – Nothing in it.

I have recently changed from Vodafone to O2 but have yet to receive their router – so this made me think that possibly the router username and password was at fault. And it was. Obviously this evening it was my turn to become an O2 broadband customer. *thrill*

So if you are with Vodafone and are in the middle of changing to O2 and your router drops access, try changing the username & password:

o2 details:


password: broadband

vodafone details:


password: broadband

I would imagine changing from O2 to Vodafone would result in the same details being used 🙂

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