Three Uses of QR Codes you Probably Never Thought Of

Any chance I’ll get I’ll scan a QR code. Sad, I know. But there’s a reason for it.

In this post I am going to detail three ways to use QR codes as either lead generation opportunities to help sell your marketing services or to help aid and grow your business. Each method is unique in its own right, and each carry equal weight to how you would use them. They are not detailed in any particular order. If you’re a business owner looking to grow your business rather than looking for lead gen (i.e. you have a captive audience already) then jump to number 3.

A QR Code Ring - Image: Fluid Forms


1. QR Codes on Packaging (lead generation)

Marketing departments are quick to try new methods in order to engage the customer. Sometimes though, they get it wrong. QR Codes are predominantly used to target smart phone users. The problem though is that many marketing depts omit the link between the QR Code and the final result: the web page/info page.

When you scan a QR Code you are usually redirected to a website telling you more information about this product and/or service. BUT and it’s a big but, the page you land on is OFTEN not designed for a mobile site, meaning your visitors will have a hard time reading the text and understanding your message.

So, look out for QR codes that don’t render onto a mobile browser well. More often than not it’s assumed that the QR code will do all the work. Not so. Your job is to scan the QR codes and see whether they turn to mobile sites or not. If not, you have yourself an opportunity right there. Getting in touch with the business owner can often be tricky however Linkein is very useful for that.

Places I look for QR Codes: Product Packaging, Magazines, Shop windows, newspapers and Google Search (covered next).



2. Google Search for QR Codes (lead generation)

Now, this is not going to be the normal “search for qr codes by country” method. That’s too low brow. We don’t do low brow at InternetMONEY.

What I’m going to show you is a method I have used successfully in the past to get in touch with business owners. It’s a Google search that will require some explanation but once shown you’ll be finding your own leads to beat the band (and recession). This particular method will show you how to find restaurants that are promoting their QR codes and they have more than 50 Likes on their page.


Take a look at this screenshot. Here’s the Google Search for it. Those results are returned from the complex query above it. So let’s take a look at the query: food/beverages “qr code” likes:50..

You will notice food/beverages. This is taken from the business type found on Facebook pages. Yes, we’re using this particular method on Facebook. You can tell that because we have which tells google to only return results from the site.

We have placed “qr code” in quotes. It’s important to do this as these are generally two words used together when a business wants to ask customers to “scan our qr code”.

Next important thing is the likes:50.. the two dots after the number 50 are important. It tells Google to return results with MORE THAN 50 likes. Without the two dots you would get results with pages that have 50 likes only. If you want to have results returned with more than 100 first, then change it to likes:100.. and so on.

So now you’ve got a list of results of pages that have over 50 Likes on them, are restaurants, and they mention the word QR Code on their page. All you need to do now is scan their QR code with your phone and see does it return a mobile optimised site or not. If not, drop them a message directly from their Facebook page. I’ll keep what I say private. You’ve got 90% of the method there.


3. Growing your business with QR Codes!

This method I like. I think it’s so clever and smacks of “why didn’t I think of that?”. This method will work wonders to help you grow your mailing list. I am of course talking about the digital variety of mailing lists and not customer addresses.

What you need is a QR code that will translate into an email address once scanned. That’s right, you can get QR Codes that will convert and trigger a mailto link and pop open your default mail client on your iPhone.


You’ll need two things. Your mailing list email address and a QR code. I use Getresponse for my autoresponder mailing list and find their support great and features perfect for my needs. You will also need your mailing list QR code, which can be obtained here. Simply click on Email address and enter your mailing list email address in the input field. Your QR Code is now ready.

So, let’s recap where we’re at here. We have created our mailing list email address and converted it into a QR code. You’ve then gone and downloaded the QR code so as you can print it out and display it prominently around your store. But, where does this all lead to?

Do me a favour. Go ahead and scan that QR Code there for me (the one in the image above). If you’re on an iPhone it should pop up your email client with your default email address in it. Now, press Send. You will shortly receive an email from my autoresponder asking you to confirm your optin.


If you are a restaurant owner simply have table stands with your QR Code printed on them and you have a captive audience ready to scan your image. The beauty is those who know what one is will often scan it! Once they scan and opt in they’ll be opted into your mailing list and you can now market to them through the use of email marketing.


More “Out of the Box” thinking: Twitter for Lead Gen

Attending Events – Worth the time and effort

Do you attend events in your industry? You know, industry specific events? I used to see these events as a time to “unwind” and get a few days off of work 🙂

It’s only when you’re working for yourself and serving your clients that you can fully appreciate the value you can gain from attending events and seminars that are industry specific.

I recently attended a two day seminar in London aimed at online marketers. Now, a lot of my work would stem from/is born out of working in the online marketing arena and then I adapt these core skills to suit the marketing needs of a local business, whether it be for online or offline.

Kevin O'Connor speaking

That’s me onstage sitting under the blue arrow. In that scene I’m talking about how I used Twitter to find an “angry” customer of a service provided by a particular company. There appeared to be no reply from said company so I dropped them a line giving them a “heads up”. This email led onto a conversation and subsequent meeting.

I have since received a dozen emails from people who attended that weekend event thanking me for sharing the method but also that some of these have gained some traction with the method! Good for you.

I know of at least a half dozen times during that weekend that I gathered some really useful marketing ideas for my business. Even though the event ticket price may run into the several hundreds of dollars to attend, the value you get from it and the people you meet and connect with will be worth thousands of times more than the cost of entry.

So, if you get the chance to attend these industry specific events, do so!

iPad blog post

So here I am with my first post to my marketing blog directly from the iPad. Despite a small problem with the native iOS WordPress app uploading images, it now seems to be working fine. If you’re wondering what problems I was having it was that images weren’t uploading from the iPad staying stuck at 0%. So I deleted the self hosted WordPress settings and re-added them again. Seems to have done the trick.

So back to the blog post. It’s easy to update the blog, seems to have all the bells and whistles I could need with the wysiwyg editor and even geotagging where the post was written, if needed.

Daisy gives her gawk of approval


Mobile Website Creation

Mobile websites are becoming ever more popular. With the increase in Smart Phone internet use and the drive to know what’s going on around you, mobile sites are helping serve up better looking sites with even better information on them.

We have all been there – viewing a mobile site on our Smart Phones, only having to pinch and zoom to navigate our way around a website. If it were tailored specifically for mobile devices we would have a far better user experience.

That’s where Mobile website creation comes into it. My assistants make hundreds of mobile sites each and every month, ranging from Architects to Yaght clubs and everything in between. Although we are still waiting for a Zoo to make a request 🙂

Setting up mobile sites couldn’t be easier. Making mockups to show prospective clients can literally take you minutes to make. My assistants make them all the time and there’s nothing more professional than showing a client what their site could look like as a mobile site. It’s tailored to them specifically, not a generic mockup tailored to no one.

The video below will take you few some of the finer points of the platform. This is currently only available to Irish web and graphic design companies ONLY. Please do not request a demo account if you are not in the web design business.



As a web design agency you will get access to your own platform under your own sub domain account allowing you full control on making these mobile sites to demo to your clients. If you’re serious about your web design business and helping your clients grow their business, then you need to consider mobile websites.

Use the contact page above to get in touch and we will set you up with your demo account.

Growing Facebook Likes and Autoresponder Optins – Quickly



Imagine being able to grow your Facebook fan base AND grow your autoresponder list at the same time? Two birds one stone so to speak. The graph above shows an increase in Facebook Likes the exact same day I incorporated a new strategy that would grow my opt in list AND Facebook Like count.

Notice the icon under my Social Media buttons on the right hand side. It says to “Subscribe with Facebook”.

Click it. You will be automatically added to a newsletter (double optin) and directed to my Facebook application in order to “Like” the page.

The Facebook app also requests permission to post on your wall. You don’t have to, of course, but imagine the number of website visitors who will.

So what does this mean – posting to walls?

Well, when someone grants permission to allow you to post on their wall, you can now post a comment as if it were from the person themselves.

Running a special offer in your restaurant next weekend? Then post a comment on Monday – it will go onto their wall as soon as you post, and the best part is their friends and family will see the post and go check out the link!

So, try it for yourself – click the Subscribe With Facebook logo on the right. The results demonstrated in the graph are from this website

Oh, and if you want one of these applications yourself – drop me a line and I’ll set up a demo for you before you decide to go ahead.

O2 and Vodafone Username and Password Router Settings

This post is a little unusual for a blog about marketing, but I figured it might be of use to some of you seeing as I found it quite difficult to get the accurate information I required on a Google search.

The story goes…

Having changed broadband providers several times over the years I’ve collected a number of routers and their associated passwords for logging ONTO the web. Note that I am not talking here about the router detault username and passwords (typically admin:password or admin:admin) but the actual login details the ROUTER uses to talk back to the internet.

So this evening my internet went down. I thought perhaps there was a fault with the line so checked for a dial tone – success – landline was fine. Next was to restart the router a couple of times. No luck. Logged into the router and checked for the gateway details – Nothing in it.

I have recently changed from Vodafone to O2 but have yet to receive their router – so this made me think that possibly the router username and password was at fault. And it was. Obviously this evening it was my turn to become an O2 broadband customer. *thrill*

So if you are with Vodafone and are in the middle of changing to O2 and your router drops access, try changing the username & password:

o2 details:


password: broadband

vodafone details:


password: broadband

I would imagine changing from O2 to Vodafone would result in the same details being used 🙂

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