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Google Instant on

This morning at 8am my default search field changed from the normal search and click method to the new Google Instant search method, providing instant results as you type your query. This should appear by default if you are signed into your Gmail account.

Google Instant has been available on .com and .uk Google search pages, as well as others I’m sure, but the Instant results hadn’t been made available for until 8am this morning, according to my clock 😉 Before 8am it wasn’t there – at 8am it was.

CPM is going to be affected by this initially and not sure how all the Google Operators will perform in providing basic logic searches, but initial testing indicates it is performing well.

Try typing in this search phrase:


You will notice that Google Instant doesn’t return instant results when using the site:operator for Twitter. Seems to be the same for other site: queries too.

List of SEO Friendly Directories to submit your site to with PageRank

Following on from LeoFogarty‘s excellent blogpost listing 700 SEO Friendly directories you can add your site to, I thought I would post my list too, including the site’s page rank.

Favouite SEO websites

So today I want to start a post about people’s favourite SEO webpages. Ones they refer back to every now and again to help fine tune their SEO skills.

I’ll start this off by listing some of my favourite sites:

I’m using my twitter friends to help build this list up and hope it will turn up some interesting resources. (currently trying out the “What’s Google Up To?” looks useful.

One SEO technique that catches visitors

There was a time not too long ago where I kept correcting my mum about internet addresses; she’d always say “ww.” instead of “www.”

This went on for a while until I thought about it – hey why can’t my mum say ww. instead of www.? It sure makes it easier for her to say, doesn’t it?

One SEO trick you won’t want to leave on the bus | Wifi On Buses

According to the IEDR (IE Domain Registry), there are some 122,666 .ie domain names in operation as of 2nd April 2009.

With websites ranging from one page portals right up to dynamic sites creating new pages by the hour, there really is a lot of information out there.

When I start out optimising my website for a specific term I always research who my competitors are, where they rank in Google, and whether they have done any basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to their site.

Let’s take the example that I am the owner of a company that provides wifi services to vehicles such as coaches, buses and trains.

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