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Growing Facebook Likes and Autoresponder Optins – Quickly



Imagine being able to grow your Facebook fan base AND grow your autoresponder list at the same time? Two birds one stone so to speak. The graph above shows an increase in Facebook Likes the exact same day I incorporated a new strategy that would grow my opt in list AND Facebook Like count.

Notice the icon under my Social Media buttons on the right hand side. It says to “Subscribe with Facebook”.

Click it. You will be automatically added to a newsletter (double optin) and directed to my Facebook application in order to “Like” the page.

The Facebook app also requests permission to post on your wall. You don’t have to, of course, but imagine the number of website visitors who will.

So what does this mean – posting to walls?

Well, when someone grants permission to allow you to post on their wall, you can now post a comment as if it were from the person themselves.

Running a special offer in your restaurant next weekend? Then post a comment on Monday – it will go onto their wall as soon as you post, and the best part is their friends and family will see the post and go check out the link!

So, try it for yourself – click the Subscribe With Facebook logo on the right. The results demonstrated in the graph are from this website

Oh, and if you want one of these applications yourself – drop me a line and I’ll set up a demo for you before you decide to go ahead.

Twitter Lead Gen Report Signup

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Getting Found On Google Workshop

A big thank you to the charities who attended my training course last Wednesday 8th December 2010. It was a thoroughly enjoyable session and delighted that so many of you already started seeing results.

Charities attending my workshop

Charities attending my workshop

Finding Leads on Twitter Training Course

If you were one of the many who downloaded and enjoyed my “Feed the bluebird” report then you will know the potential this report holds if implemented correctly.

Since releasing that report I have since given four training sessions on it – and each one has been a huge success!

Now I’m making available to you the same powerpoint presentation I use to deliver my “Finding Leads on Twitter” message – where I show the participants exactly how to find leads and how to automate the process.

I charged €47 to companies to attend my Find Leads on Twitter training course, and the value presented inside the Powerpoint is well worth the initial investment. Let’s not forget the potential business you can get from this business – offline businesses need this information! You know this information, you present the course to them and

Here’s a video of some of the slides in the powerpoint workshop:

When purchasing the powerpoint workshop you will also get specific PLR rights to the Feed The Bluebird report where you can edit it to suit your own needs. That’s right, you’ll receive the word document I used to create the pdf report and you can rework it to suite your own needs.

Rights (only for Feed The Bluebird):

[yes] Has Master Resell Rights
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[yes] Can Be Edited
[yes] Can be Included in Free Membership Sites
[yes] Can be Offered As a Bonus to a Free Product
[yes] Can be Offered As a Bonus to a Paid Product

About the Workshop

The Powerpoint presentation consists of 40 slides that takes the participants through what they need to do so as they can set up and automate a process that will allow them to find business on Twitter. When you purchase this workshop all you need to do is edit the contact details in it to suit your own needs.


I will also include a seperate Presentation that consists of “Quick Tips” and techniques that website owners can implement on their website to help them with their presence online. This always goes down well and a complete joy to watch as they feverishly try to write down all the golden nuggets!

To buy this package from me I am initially releasing it to 10 people only – and I will work with these ten people via email and Skype while they tweak the course to suit their needs.

After these ten copies are sold the price is going up so it’s a first come first served basis.

To make your purchase please use the Buy Now Button below.

Upon payment you will receive a download link immediately. Any problems shoot an email to the address in the receipt.

Questions? Just ask in the comments section.

How to Find Businesses on Twitter By Location

The graph below shows an upturn in the number of searches Twitter gets from Google in Ireland.

Twitter search over time

As you can see Twitter is on the rise.

And so too are the number of people looking for businesses on Twitter.

I often use Twitter to help get in contact with businesses –  if I have a problem with a product I will simply tweet the company and they typically respond within minutes.

But what about when you are looking for prospects or clients? How easy is it to find a restaurant in your area?

Well it’s not really that easy to do. If you were to use the advanced twitter search you could enter a keyword and a location and pull up a series of results based on that criteria, but what if you did this search:

Restaurant in Dublin

This will return all tweets with the words Restaurant in them. I want to FIND businesses that are restaurants, not people tweeting looking for or talking about restaurants.

So how do we find businesses on Twitter based on their bio and location? It’s simple – we turn to Google (surprise surprise).

Google indexes Twitter accounts and includes the Twitter profile data. This data includes a bit called the Bio. See image below:

bio of restaurant

Notice in Bio you can see the word Restaurant. Also notice in Location you can see Dublin.

So I want to use Google to return to me Twitter accounts with Restaurant and Dublin in the profile. Simple

The concept is simple but the search syntax is not so. In a bid to make this easy I’ll paste the query I use into this blog post, but please note that if you do these searches rapidly Google will trigger a “Sorry… this looks like an automated query” page. No problem, just enter the captcha and you’re good to go.

The query:

(intitle:”restaurant * on twitter” OR intext:”bio * restaurant”) intext:”location * Dublin”

Simply paste the above query into Google and it will return for you your desired results.

Let me Google that for you!

Or for those who don’t like my wit:

So that’s how you can find businesses on Twitter by location.

I have an Excel spreadsheet I use which incorporates this search query in beautifully. The video below demonstrates how to use this spreadsheet.

If you’re interested in a copy of the spreadsheet its yours for €5

20 Ways to Market your Heating and Plumbing Business

If you have a great heating and plumbing business going or simply starting with one, you definitely need ways to market it or improve your sales. By marketing your heating and plumbing business, you can reach the maximum potential of your business. There are a lot of benefits once your business becomes well-advertised and well-marketed.

Never lose hope if your business does not live up to your expectations. You must always look on the bright side of things. There are so many ideas which you can use in order to gain better profit.

Offline Pro Signup


Ok guys and gals make sure to optin with your name and email address above and you’ll get my Twitter report emailed to you within a couple of minutes, but you need to confirm your optin so make sure to check your emails for my confirmation email.

Dry Cleaners Marketing Ideas – Grad Suit Hire cleaning

Marketing Dry Cleaners Part Two

This second post makes up the two part post for marketing ideas dry cleaners can use.

Here’s part one: Dry Cleaners Marketing Ideas

This little marketing idea can really help build you some credibility in your area – and if you’ve got a website it won’t cost you anything (assuming you’ve incorporated a lead capture generator… contact me if not) then you can create a blog post or send out a monthly newsletter with the latest tips to help remove those stubborn stains from your garments.

But where this technique really has a kick is if you are able to promote your service whilst at the same time give away some free advice.

Let’s look at graduation parties. That’s right – each year thousands of young men and women have a graduation party where they wear ball gowns and tuxedos, and each year these often hired in clothes get in an awful state.

As a dry cleaners this is an ideal opportunity for you to offer some free advice.

Ring up your local hotels and find out when the next debs or grad is on in that hotel. When you find out this information you can now start to plan your free advice information line.

A couple of days before the main event you send out a flyer door to door to the homes in the neighbourhoods of the schools that are having their debs or grad.

The headline could say something like

“Grad students – Those stains do come out”

On the flyer you mention the most common forms of stains (beer wine etc) and then you go on to tell them what you do to remove the stains without damaging the fabric (soak it in water immediately when the stain is noticed – really impractical to do as they will need to wear it but hey, you’re offering free advice).

Then, at the end make them an offer they can’t refuse:

We’ll remove the stain for you and return it to your suit hire company, all for €30 (local returns only). Discression is assured.

This works on the basis of having an arrangement with the local suit hire company that you have the suit, it will be cleaned and returned the next day or whenever suits you both. Keeping it local helps to strengthen the relationship and trust.

If a deposit is given for the suit then you could give it back to the student and you then claim it back from the tailor. Of coure this is after ensuring the suit is in good order.

Make it easy and efficient for the customer and you’ve got them for life.

This post is not to be taken as advice. These are merely ideas.

Dry Cleaners Marketing Ideas – catchy headlines

Marketing Ideas for Dry Cleaners – Part One

Picking up a coat from my local dry cleaners I was anxious to know did that packet of Cadbury’s Buttons I had left in the pocket melt and destroy my lovely coat? Luckily the dry cleaners had removed it and had them there for me! But – that got me thinking – what weird and wonderful things have dry cleaners found in laundry left in for dry cleaning?

Needless to say this led me on to device a marketing idea that could be implemented into a dry cleaners marketing strategy.

“The 5 unbelievable things found inside nurses uniforms”

This is a catchy headline for a flyer and one that is easily attractive to the reader. Of course there had better be five interesting things but you get the idea with this angle. Add a photo or two for effect and bang – there’s a great story all in itself.

If there’s a large hospital nearby then this story popping through the letterbox might pique a few interests but out in the country where the nearest hospital is 20 miles away it mighn’t have such an impact.

If you do the dry cleaning for small hotels or B&Bs then you could always spin a line or two:

“The two dirtiest curtains we ever did see”

From this article you go on to explain how the dirt came about on the curtains and how you tackled those stubborn stains, and all done in time to be collected that very same day :=)

Putting this in action

Create an A5 brochure and organise the drop of some 2000 flyers to local houses. On that flyer have your main phrase clearly written and then bullet point the sections of that main header.

Remember to sign off with your USP, a call to action and of course your complete contact details and if possible a map to your location.

Is your Business Bleeding Big Profits?

Each day thousands of euro is potentially being leaked by the way in which staff handle inbound calls to your business.
Leaking profits can be the difference between being 50k out of pocket, paying staff wages, electricity bills etc and all it really takes is a little time and thought to block up the leaks and ensure you’re getting maximum results as best as is possible.
Let’s try this scenario:

A customer rings in to ask if you have any rawl plugs in stock – the staff member, who perhaps is having a bad day says “sure – there’s plenty”.
Great – so your customer heads in to pick them up, only to discover there are none left and they’re on back order!
You’ve now got a disgruntled customer who you’ll probably lose business with for the time being.
This has personally happened to me when I was looking for a particular book which had just been released. I was assured immediately on the phone that there were dozens in stock. When I arrived half an hour later there were none.
So one tip you, as a business owner, can employ is to occasionally phone into your business – or better yet get someone else to do it for you.
Before calling it’s best to set the scene.

This is how it’s done:
Find a product on your shelf that is over €100 and there’s only one left, or make it so there’s one left.
Next work out who is going to be on the phones when you are ringing – if there is going to be one or two manning the phones then make sure when you call you get their name which will aid you with your follow-up later on.

Ok – so let’s walk through this:
You (or someone you are working with) phones into the business.
“Hi, I’m looking for a pump for a fishpond that can handle 7000 litres per hour. I was in last week and noticed you had some for €499. Are there any left in stock”

Sales rep: “Yes, we have several in stock.”
You “Well, I need two of them and will pick them up today – are they definitely there?”
Sales rep” Yep, I saw them there earlier I know that there are some left”
You “great I will pick them up in an hour. What’s your name?”


So if the sales rep doesn’t go to investigate this to ensure there are two left, then this customer is going to be furious after coming all the way in to pick them up. Let’s be realistic, the chances of someone coming in to buy two pumps before you go in is very unlikely. Besides, you know there is only one left as you removed the rest of them out the back.

These types of scenarios go on each and every day. It takes very little time to walk over and check the shelves to ensure the customer can make the purchase. Plug up those leaks!
Now you know that perhaps some training is needed to ensure that your staff does check that products are available.
You could trial cordless phones for a month. This way when a customer phones in the sales rep can “walk and talk” the customer over to the shelf, confirm they are in stock, ask them would they like it put aside, and then have the opportunity to say something like “we also have some pond cleaner liquid here too. Will you need some of that also?”

Remember without customers you won’t be in business. There’s no point in having them come in the door if they can’t buy anything from you!

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