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How to Use Twitter to Find Business

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I’ve talked about this method at length, heck I even spoke about it at the Warrior Gathering in London. I’ve even explained it on training courses. However I’m still not seeing people using it!

Here’s a screenshot of one of my streams from within Hootsuite.

What you will notice on the top of that image, in the green bar, are the words “anyone recommend” geocoo

What you see there is a summary of what I have included in my stream search parameters. It’s very easy to set up and that link above teaches you all about streams. This post isn’t to educate you on streams, it’s to teach you a technique to help you find business opportunities on Twitter.

So, just how do we go about using Twitter to find business opportunities?

Let’s take an example from this screenshot. Notice the tweet from @PhotographyCamp – they ask “Can anyone recommend a bouncy castle provider for Blessington area?”

Because my search included “anyone recommend” and my location is set for a specific coordinate and @PhotographyCamp is in or near these coordinates then it returned their tweet to my stream.

Now, if I were a bouncy castle provider I would have set up these alerts in my Hootsuite platform (or have someone do all this for me). So when that tweet came in I would see it in my stream and could reply accordingly.

It is important that you act on these tweets quickly. I’ve found that someone who asks for a recommendation on Twitter will often also turn to a Google search to seek out their requirement. So, set up those searches and monitor them daily. You don’t want to let leads slip you by.

Do you need to use Hootsuite?

Of course not. There are plenty other platforms out there that will do similar functions for you. Hootsuite has grown on me and I like the features they have available from within the platform. A big plus is that it is also web based meaning I can jump from machine to machine to VPS etc. Their iPad app is ok too.

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Due to the popularity of this post I will run a webinar on this technique. Register here (no cost)

Use Twitter to Find Business | Twitter Leads on Steroids!

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How to Find a Domain Name that is Good AND Available

Ok I while back I created a Camtasia video that shows you how to find keyword related domain names using freely available tools on the web.

internetMONEY Keyword Tool

This post is for the internetMONEY software, ask your questions and read solutions here.

1. How do I get my Full Licence?

On payment you will be emailed a URL where you will be able to generate your full licence.

2. How does the Google Suggest work?

We capture data from Google’s Suggest service, allowing you to obtain new keyword phrases faster than ever before.

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