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How I Use Facebook Ads and Automatic Webinars to Fill my Pipeline

Why I’m qualified to write about this method

You may be wondering what makes me qualified to write such a report such as the title of this post. Well, let me explain.

I run an outsourcing company called The Offline Assistant. My company provides access to my team of staff members who perform a series of tasks for my customers. These tasks range from Social Media Management, to graphic design and cold calling, mobile and app development and lots more. We also offer Virtual Assistant services to people who need a qualified, reliable Virtual Assistant service (my hiring process is ridiculously thorough). The services depend entirely on what the customer wants.

The links I’m using in this post…

Some links listed in this post may be affiliate links. Should you purchase through any of my affiliate links I may benefit from that purchase financially (that’s what they’re for, right?). So, if you do decide to buy any of the tools I mention and you use my links then I’m a) extremely grateful to you for buying on my recommendation and b) if we are ever in the same city I’ll buy you a drink as a thank you.

Back to me again…

Originally when I was looking for new customers it would involve me partnering with someone who had access to a customer base who may be interested in my services. This is always a good option, however, splitting commissions can become expensive especially when running a service business such as my one.

So, I wanted to find a way that I could streamline the whole process of finding and educating a prospect without me getting involved… the holy grail, if you will. That search led me to Facebook ads where I drive people to a landing page and then onto an automated webinar that would integrate with an autoresponder. Perfect.

Before I dive into the method take note. This method is easy to do and works really well for me. However, you may feel overwhelmed when reading through the report what with all the moving parts involved. I promise you that it’s not complicated. It just requires some elbow grease and an understanding of your product or service. Have these in place and a few hours of time and you can be up and running the very same day. However, if you’d rather have some help then I have a way you can get that help, which I detail at the end of the report. I’ll also share the link to my webinar registration page so you can experience it.

The FBWebiCall Method

From a 30,000 foot perspective here’s how the FBWebiCall method works for me.

  •  Someone sees my ad in their Facebook News Feed.
  • They click on the ad as it has some potential interest to them.
  • They see the landing page and wanting to know more they register for the webinar.
  • They watch the webinar and if interested in my service book a time to talk with me.


So why am I speaking with people on the phone rather than just enticing them to sign up on the webinar? That’s a good question. For me, I’d rather ensure that the person joining the program is a fit 100% and that their expectations are met from the outset. I’d rather know that my company CAN help them rather than taking their money from them and then finding out if I can help. It makes my life easier building a relationship and providing value for someone who’s interested in my company and services and in turn I get to hear more about their business and what they may need specific help with.

The tools I use for my funnel


The best things in life are free… But in business you have to pay for these things IMO unless you can build them yourself (I do make software).

But this particular funnel setup requires some paid for tools. I’ll detail below the tools I use that allow me to run this system automatically. I simply turn on my Facebook ads when I want new appointments. So, let’s begin.


1. Facebook ads (obviously). You need a budget in place in order to pay for your ads. Starting from as little as $5 a day and add more funds as you need more webinar registrations (assuming you have your ad tweaked and working right for you).


TIP: If you’re getting lots of clicks on your ad but few webinar registrations then your landing page needs some attention.


2. Lead Pages. I love this platform. It provides easy to build landing pages that look great. It seems to be the industry standard as most online marketers appear to be using it.


TIP: You can sort the landing page options inside Lead Pages by highest converting! A nice feature available to you to find the current best converting landing page.

3. Google Drive for the presentation. I create my Powerpoint Presentation from inside Google Drive. It’s free and does the job nicely.


4. Camtasia. I record my Powerpoint presentation along with my audio from within Camtasia. It’s relatively inexpensive but a requirement if you’re making lots of training videos from your computer.


5. The webinar platform I use is called Stealth Seminar. Setting up the system right the first time and you could pay for your entire usage for one or two years in just one go!


There are other options out there for automated webinars but after doing my due diligence I went with Stealth Seminar. Sure, it’s got a monthly fee associated with it (not a lot mind you), but if you’re using automated webinars and you have something of value to offer your viewers then it will pay for itself very quickly!


To continue reading the rest of this detailed report you can grab the pdf here (no cost).

Send an SMS when a web page is loaded

So this morning I was working on a php script that would send an SMS to a predefined number upon page load.
The idea being that when an order is placed, rather than checking on the inbox constantly for an order it would be more efficient to receive an SMS when an order is placed.

Now, currently the “problem” of receiving too many messages isnt there right now. This is a high value item and we’d expect three, possibly four orders per day so receiving these notifications as text messages won’t be an issue. It also serves as a prompter for “take action” on the new order.

how did I implement this?
Simple. I used Twilio. Twilio have been around for a number of years and many large corporations use Twilio’s services in their sms and calling applications. So, I figured that integrating Twilio into my client’s payment flow wouldn’t be a cause for concern with reliability.

How to set it up.
Twilio have a great example on their website for this exact process. Here’s the link
You will need an account with Twilio, however you can obtain a free account in order to test and set up your php script. You’ll also receive some credit in your account too, along with a sandbox number to use.

I found the instructions very easy to follow. However, I did have an issue with my Account ID details from Twilio. I Was copying/pasting and for whatever reason it created a space at the start of my Account ID which I didnt realise until about 30 mins in and some googling. So, ensure there are no spaces at the start of your Account ID when you add it to the script!

Ensure you upload all the files to your server and add the sendnotifications.php file to the root or /folder where you have all the twilio files installed.

Works a treat.

Image depicting settings for twilio

Notice the orange arrow. Here you can add any text you like in order to let the viewer know what they need to do next. In this example I’m telling them it’s now ok to go ahead and close down the browser.

Finding Hungry Buyers

I’ve been asked “but how do I find those people so as I can offer my product to?” and my answer is simple: “go search for them!”
There are various strategies people use to find what they need on Google’s search pages, and this strategy is one that will dig up hungry enthusiasts looking for what you have to offer.
I use this technique to look for forums and discussion boards where people are talking about Vedic Maths. On finding these discussion sites I register a free account with them to become a member of the site.
The last thing I do is start promoting my product on post number 1. People will ignore you, flame you and possibly get you banned for promoting yourself.
Rather than doing this (which the majority fall foul of doing) I sign up and post useful, helpful replies to people. Then after possibly ten or 15 posts I’ll add a signature to the bottom of each post that will offer people a link to a maths ebook that will help them with their maths studies. This provides me with greater credibility amongst the board members and doesn’t invoke a “spamming the discussion” response. This has worked wonders for me and my ebook and I suggest you too try this subtle but highly effective approach.

So – just how do you find these discussion sites?

Simple, we go back to Google again for this (read this fully before trying*).

In the Google search box I type in:

intitle:”forum” + “vedic math” + (“powered by vbulletin”) OR (“powered by phpbb”)

What I am asking Google to do here is return results that have the word “Forum” in the page title, along with “Vedic Math” and the words “powered by vbulletin” or “powered by phpbb” in them.

Why those two? Well I know that discussion forums typically have the “Powered By” text on each of the sites pages. Returning results with those words in them along with my main keyword search phrase strongly suggests that they are related to what I am looking for.

*I suggest that you only try these search queries once every few minutes as Google will flag up a message as they think the queries are automated.

High PageRank Forums

Ok I’ve been meaning to put this up for some time and now I’ve come into a bit of free time I thought I’d share with you a list of some forums based on Internet Marketing with varying page rank.

Many of you are probably aware of the benefits of having a link from a High PR site back to yours is, and if you don’t well in a nutshell it helps add weight to your site’s overall PR value when links from other relevant websites, blogs and forums also link with your portal.

So here’s a list of links to forums related to or have association with “internet marketing” AND have a minimum of PageRank 4.

URL Page Rank
http://www.forumforwebmasters.com/ 6
http://www.uinternet.com/ 5
http://forums.exabytes.com/ 5
http://www.htmlcodetutorial.com/help/forum35.html 5
http://www.a1businessforums.co.uk/ 4
http://www.ihelpyou.com/forums/ 4
http://datacentertalk.com/ 4
http://forum.triphp.com/ 4
http://www.artpapa.com/forums/ 4
http://forum.indianabusinessbuilder.net/index.php 4
http://forum.triphp.com/web-hosting-forum/ 4

If you’re interested in having your own custom PR report mad for your niche, at an affordable rate, contact me through the Hire Me  image on the right.

3 Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Commissions Overnight

The ideal world of affiliate marketing does not require having your own website, dealing with customers, refunds, product development and maintenance. This is one of the easiest ways of launching into an online business and earning more profits.

The Ultimate Marketing Seminar – Really?

So I’ve enrolled myself on Chris Howard’s Ultimate Marketing Seminar which is to take place next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (2 – 5 September 2009) in Ballsbridge.

I attended an event organised by Chris Howard before whilst in Sydney. It was one of these “Wealth Creation” type of events, and to be honest didn’t really take to the whole thing and didn’t attend the next day.
So a marketing event rolls around here in Dublin and again Chris Howard is involved… Perhaps I should stick it out for more than the one day – after all it is the Ultimate Marketing Seminar and with a name like that I should expect to pick up a trick or two 🙂

Ask your email list for help

Every now and again I blast out an email to my subscribers list to ask them for their opinions and ideas for content they would like to see on in the email newsletters they receive.

On Saturday 8th July 2009 I decided to do the same again, and this time share the results with you.

I sent a broadcast message to my vedic maths newsletter requesting information on what else they would like to see and if there was any way i could improve the email delivery.

Within two minutes of the broadcast going out I was receiving emails into my inbox (and just one in now whilst I type this!).

Take a look at the video below

These are all personally written emails containing tonnes of useful ideas that they, as subscribers would like to see in the newsletter.

The power of a large, focused email list can become apparent when things like ideas start to run thin.  So never forget that while you are providing material to your list, know that they too are full of ideas and are more than willing to help you when the opportunity arises.

Affiliate Marketing Using ClickBank Message Sets

Having some 16k+ newsletter subscribers to http://www.vedic-maths-ebook.com I feel adequately qualified when it comes to trying different advertising methods over the course of a couple of years.

But there’s one affiliate marketing program that has stood out amongst the rest, in my opinion, and has helped bring in more cash into the old Clickbank account moreso than any other program I’ve used.

That program is called “Clickbank Message Sets”.

Niche Marketing | How to Find a Niche Market – Part 2

I have been contacted by several budding internet marketers with the common question “What other ways are there to find a niche market?”

Niche Marketing is, in my opinion, a clever way to make some money online. Rather than promoting those weight loss products or 6 pack abs programs we so often see strewn across the web, we are marketing towards those areas of commerce where there may not necessarily be millions of people searching.

ClickHeat – Find Out Where Visitors Click

When I created my ebook website it became important for me to know exactly where my visitors were clicking when it came to the style of graphic, icon or play button I had added to my site.

I initially started off by having a picture of the video and the words “Click Here” to play the video. Clicking anywhere in the picture would play the video, but I wanted to monitor how well either the “Click Here” and actually clicking on the actual picture was doing.  You can see the “Click Here” to watch and then the actual picture of the video on the left.

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