20 Ways to Market your Heating and Plumbing Business

If you have a great heating and plumbing business going or simply starting with one, you definitely need ways to market it or improve your sales. By marketing your heating and plumbing business, you can reach the maximum potential of your business. There are a lot of benefits once your business becomes well-advertised and well-marketed.

Never lose hope if your business does not live up to your expectations. You must always look on the bright side of things. There are so many ideas which you can use in order to gain better profit.

1) Create a Website

A website is a very important tool for marketing these days. Due to the surging technology, doing business has become more high-tech compared to a decade ago. Just make sure that you can keep up with the times. Through a website, you can put your contact information, services provided and even your promos. When making a website, always make it as eye-catchy as possible. Put pictures that would help answer or relate to your heating and plumbing business. As millions are using the internet today, your website can be a great deal in terms of advertising.

2) Offer Service Contracts

Basically, you can lock in more customers if you provide service contracts. You will definitely have a steady stream of income once you opt for this. Adding up to this, service contracts also helps you in reviewing customer systems for system enhancements and other needed upgrades. It is best that you don’t push expensive changes. Just make recommendations and then offer a helpful free quote. Customers usually appreciate an approach that is non-confrontational and they will even be more receptive to what you are suggesting.

3) Your Courtesy Counts

When you provide service, always be courteous to your clients for this will be a very effective marketing tool. Once you enter someone’s home, make sure that you give value to their space. Always wear shoe coverings, avoid smoking and always clean the place after working. Be a gracious service provider and just hire technicians who can be as courteous as you are. People shall definitely want to try your services if yo provide them with respect and courtesy. You may ask why this could a strategy for marketing? Well, this could serve as a boost for your company’s reputation and current clients can suggest you to other people.

4) Maximize the Potential of Festivals

In order to improve your business, you must be an active character in your community. Festivals and other events can be an assistance to your business. You can provide a booth or simply sponsor one. Remember that events always showcase a huge crowd. By being active on festivals, you can market your heating and plumbing business even more.

5) Be an Active Volunteer

You can provide time to different non-profit organizations. You could even donate your services to seniors that have low income. When you decide to do this, make sure that you inform the local newspaper to cover your community service. Actually, this would serve you with low cost advertising. The more you are advertised, the better you can be able to market your business.

6) Utilize the Yellow Pages

Usually, many people really use the Yellow Pages for searching for a heating and plumbing service provider. Always make sure that your advertisement highlights your location and services. You can use a coupon as well. Potential customers definitely want value. When you offer a coupon, inquiries about your service can potentially increase. This would serve as something unique compared to usual Yellow Pages listings.

7) Offer Emergency Services

You can post advertisements that showcase emergency services. This will be a great push for your business because people want service providers that can come especially in times of emergency. This can serve your company well because this will improve your company profile and can lead to higher loyalty and increase in new customers.

8 ) PTA

If you are a parent and have kids that are still in school, you can join different school associations, most especially the PTA. You can have more contacts through this. Parents of other students along with the teachers can be your primary contacts. It is best that you become more socially active and showcase a pleasing personality. This would reflect your marketing skills so make sure that you work it out very well.

9) Long Term than Short Term Marketing

As a business owner, it is natural that you should consider long term benefits to keep your business going. So if you want to market your services, place your marketing message everywhere. Utilize your uniforms and your car or van. The more you provide long term-looking marketing messages, the higher the chance of attracting clients.

10) Text Message Advertising

This is an instant form of marketing. You can advertise your services in a jiffy. This is a form of advertising that technology has improved and became more useful today. With the growing use of mobile phones, many people can be reached using this form of marketing strategy.

1) Make Customers Happy All The Time

Simply put, go above and beyond in order to make your customers happy of your service. Once you provide complete satisfaction and pleasure to customers, it is highly likely that you would be recommended to their friends and family. You can ensure the happiness of your customers by providing free extra services, discounts, etc.

12) Avoid Raising Prices

It is recommended that you determine your price marks early. If you stick to the price which you have quoted, it is likely that you can win customers over and over again. Customers will definitely love your services and professionalism if you stick to what has been agreed to. If you could present a very professional approach with your current customers, you have the larger chance of being recommended to other new potential customers.

13) Utilize Online Classified Ads Potential

The internet has become a very influential part of doing business nowadays. You can utilize different classified ads to post your services. With millions of people having access and using the internet, the potential of having your services getting noticed is high. Most of these classified ads online are free and you can put links directing to your website (if you have one).

14) Use Social Networking Sites

Twitter, Myspace and Facebook are the most popular sites for social networking these days. The potential to reach many new customers is huge with the help of these sites because you can connect with so many people in an instant. By having many contacts, there is the larger chance of getting noticed and help promote your heating and plumbing business even more.

15) TV & Radio Promotions

You can advertise your heating and plumbing business in a more effective way if you use the media. You can go to different radio stations to promote your business. If you are as dedicated to marketing your business, you can go through each and every radio station in your area. With regards to TV promotions, you can create commercials for advertisement of your services, though this option is for those who have the budget to do so.

16) Join Organizations

You can market your heating and plumbing business by joining different organizations. You will meet many people through these organizations. You can have a wider range of contacts by joining. They also hold regular meetings and seminars. You can take full advantage of these organizations especially if there are new members joining regularly. You can advertise your business easily by using your calling card and giving them out to every people connected with the organization. They may have relatives and friends who could use your services. The potential here is huge.

17) Fliers, Brochures, Business Cards

These are your main or basic tools in order to promote your services. You can maximize their use by going to many places and posting them as much as you can. You can utilize different places like bookstores, car washes, fitness centers, apartment buildings, etc. Always make sure that posting and promoting are allowed on the places that you plan to target. Take note of what you put on your fliers and brochures. Make them very readable and eye-catchy. With regards to your business card, make it simple yet complete with the required information.

18) Family Help

If you really want to market your business, you must be dedicated in making it work. Your family is just by your side. If this is a family business, then much better. You can ask for assistance with regards to spreading the word. They can post in their own social networking site profiles about your services. They can easily help you promote just as long as you provide them with all the information required to market your business.

19) Free Shirts, Give-aways

Give free shirts to your customers. This will not only help make your customers feel happy but once they wear them outside, you can have an additional form of promotion. The more people wearing shirts that showcase your heating and plumbing business, the more other people become aware.

20) Use Your Car as Free Advertisement

You can customize your vehicle with your company’s colors. Customize your plate number as well. This is an awesome form of marketing. Just drive safely.

So, if you really want to maximize the potential of your heating and plumbing business, you can market them by trying out the 20 different ways mentioned above. Good luck to your business!

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